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KYENG is the leading supplier of various products for the automation and production in Korea of devices that transmit measured values.

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QC Manager

We have continuously upgraded data quality management and consolidated zero-defect patent data of the Six Sigma level to provide the world’s best management services.

quality control products

QC Manager features

One to One Connecting Method

It connects one to one with meters.

Marks Errors with O or X

It automatically marks O or X once an erroneous value is entered.

Automatic Transmission Feature

If a time is set, it automatically transmits values at set time intervals for possible log management.

External Switch Expansion

If an external switch is connected, users can transmit values by pressing the switch with their feet.

Wireless Bluetooth Transmitting Method

Users can use Bluetooth to access various machines.

Supports Various Meter Types

It delivers values measured by meters of various manufacturers to a personal computer (PC) or a smartphone.

Use of a Micro 5-Pin Recharger

Users can use a micro 5-pin cable to easily recharge their cell phones.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Connecting Method

If connected with a USB, users can immediately recognize it with a computer keyboard.